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Offshore Drilling Services

Petro State provides offshore drilling services to the energy industry. We drill and we complete exploration wells, and we prepare them in readiness for production, all as directed by our customers. For our assignments in international locations, our crews typically work a rotational schedule of 28 days on and 28 days off. Water depths can range from 20 feet to 400 feet for jackup rigs.

There are two basic types of wells that are drilled:


 exploratory wells to find new oil or gas deposits, and

 development wells to prepare oil or gas discoveries for production.


Before drilling an exploratory well, a geological survey would have been carried out over a pre-determined area to ascertain the potential for oil or gas deposits and to identify specific target points for drilling. The drilling process may take as little as 15 days or as long as 12 months of 24 hour round-the-clock operations to drill a single well, depending on the complexity of the project.



Offshore jackup rigs are designed for efficiency in living and working, with emphasis on keeping the rig steady whilst operations are in progress in offshore gulf / ocean waters.

We are continuously looking for talented people, who will share our vision of growing the company and contributing to our principles, standards and values.

If you would like to become a team member we invite you to search here and apply for jobs. You can apply for current vacancies or make a general application to be considered for future opportunities through our website.




Petro State believes that skills and competence are developed in the interaction between education, training and, importantly, experience gained in the workplace.

The core business of Petro State is drilling offshore oil and gas wells. The company recognizes that working on board an offshore drilling rig requires specific skills, training and competency to ensure that daily operations, and, response to emergency situations, can be undertaken safely and professionally.

This is achieved by having crews with the right competency, incorporating education, training and experience, to undertake the tasks expected of them. Petro State provides employees with training elements for the core competency necessary for individuals to carry out their work tasks whilst ensuring compliance with regional, country and client specific regulations.



You should be aware of scams which falsely advertise job opportunities with Petro State and request payment of monies by the candidate to supposedly cover processing fees and costs relating to visas, work permits or other formalities. Such scams appear to target many areas around the world but, in particular, the areas of India and West Africa. All potential candidates should be cautious.

Please be aware that Petro State does not send unsolicited offers of employment, whether by email, regular mail or any other means, and never requests payment of money from a candidate for employment. Petro State does not ask prospective employees to cover the cost of work permits or other relevant permits in the country of operation.

Corporate Profile

Petro State is a provider of offshore contract drilling services to the energy industry in the Middle East, making oil and natural gas available in a safe and cost effective manner.